Catastrophe of the End (オブ・ジエンド・カタストロフ), also known as the Apocalypse of Death (終焉黙示 録), is a ritual performed by an Exorcist along with 13 generations of Magical Girls in Mahou Shoujo of the End. It is a vital part of the Plan Magic Girls of the End of Rei Kurorogi.


Catastrophe of the End is a ritual that was mentioned for the first time in the texts of Rail Muroku deciphered by Yuji Tonogaya in the First Time Line. In these texts are mentioned the steps to follow to carry out this ritual.

It is worth mentioning that this ritual is also known by Wataru Himeji (after questioning the Witch in his lair) and by Rei Kurorogi.

Steps of the Ritual

The Catastrophe of the End ritual must be carried out with the following elements:

  • Have 13 generations of Magical Girls.
  • Have the support of an Exorcist to carry out the ritual.
  • By having the two previous points, the ritual must take place at the Altar of Time.

Completion of the Ritual

By having all the above steps ready, you can successfully carry out the ritual, which will eliminate the concepts of the universe, the past, the future and the parallel world, creating the Zero World, where the one who has performed the ritual will become a be omnipotent


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