Circle Cut M (サークルカット・M(マジカル), Saakurukatto M (Majikaru)?) is one of the Sub-Species of Magical Girls of Mahou Shoujo of the End.


She has two ponytails and long bangs and extended side bangs. She wear a suit with sailor uniform design and opaque colored shoulder pads. The costume consists of a white blouse,a polka dot skirt and thigh-high stockings. She carries her Wand in her right hand which has the design of a screaming bear.


Circular Cut

You can cut anything in a circular way.

Regeneration and immortality

Capacity that all Subspecies of Magical Girls have. They can regenerate as long as their canes are not destroyed. In the Temporary Third Line, all Sub-Species of Magical Girls created by Yuji Tonogaya can be instantly regenerated with Quick Reverse.


Another skill shared by all the Subspecies of Magical Girls. Anyone killed by their canes turns into a zombie, with their bodies covered by a dark matter that resembles Gothic-style clothing. They can only be defeated by decapitation or if the staff that killed them is destroyed.


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