The demon (悪魔) is an entity present in Mahou Shoujo of the End. He is the father of all the witches and the grandfather of the magic girls.


The demon is a human-being with a great musculature and tail. He has several white lines throughout his body, which symbolize his power, and he even even his eyes, in addition to giving him a fort-shaped pattern of five points in the front. His "hair" is made of energy lines with electric appearance.


He has an intimidating, explosive, furious, grove and extremely dangerous personality, to the degree of attacking everyone.


The first time he is mentioned was during the stories of the treatment between a human and the devil to have descendants with unique magical skills. Later it was not mentioned until the arrival of Wataru Himeji to the swell of Eris Muroku, in which he seeks information about the Catastrophe ritual of the end and on the power of the demon.

His first appearance in the series was during the transformation events of Shinobu Shirogane by the altered blood of magic girl, in which the demon could take control over Shinobu Shirogane to cause a destruction over the city in which they were, as the time passed, the demon was evolving until almost achieve their perfect form, but thanks to Mikano Muroku, Shinobu could take control again on his body.

During the final battle with Himeji, the devil is released from Shinobu's body for the Catastrophe ritual of the end.


Handling of reality

He has the ability to change reality to his anthoo, without taking into account the rules of physics or logic.

Magic power infinity

The demon has an unlimited source of magical power, to the degree that only its precency has the risk of destroying the world.


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