Eris Muroku (無六 エリス, Muroku Erisu?) is the last of the witches and a character of Mahou Shoujo of the End.


Eris is a pale-skinned woman with long light blue hair that has square bangs covering her left eye and red eyes.

She wears a purple scarf around her neck that tends to cover part of her chin, her right arm has a tattoo of an inverted pentagram. Her outfit is a black corset-like top that exposes her very large breasts and covers her nipples, a sheer skirt, mesh stockings and black high heels with straps that extend close to her knees.


Eris remains in a neutral position on all the problems arising in the different temporary lines except for the first temporary line, in which it intervened in the emergence of the demon. She has a strong character, has great skills and cares about the magic girls descendant from her.


Eternal life

Eris immortality is different from those of magical girls, because she can last thousands of years without aging, instead is not exempt from dying at the hands of a rival.

Skills of the magical girls

As a witch, Eris can control all the magical skills available in their descendants (regenerate wounds, teleport, time control, manipulation of objects, etc.).

  • Teleport
  • Shield
  • Light Stick
  • Heal Magic
  • Black Lightning
  • Sense of Existence
  • Speedy Rush


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