The Mixed Fusion (混FUSION), also known as Confusion (コンフュージョン), is the result of the mix between a human and a Magical Girl in Mahou Shoujo of the End.


The Mixed FUSION originates from the first fusion carried out between Rintaro Akuta and the blood of Parasite M, which began to circulate through his bloodstream, giving him the abilities of instant regeneration and superhuman strength.

In the 3rd timeline, Yuji Tonogaya creates an object that allows a complete fusion using information provided by Miu Anai in the experiments prior to the creation of this object; All this process was in order to gain power to deal with enemies like Wataru Himeji.

 Known Users


If it is a complete FUSION, the human body in which the Magical Girl will reside will suppose a draining of great energy, as it will also add great amounts of stress to the body, leading the user to wear down their internal organs and in the worst case to his inevitable death.


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