Kentaro Sato (佐藤健太郎) is the mangaka of Mahou Shoujo of the End, Mahou Shoujo Site and the writer of Mahou Shoujo Site Sept.


He was born on December 1, 1986 in Osaka prefecture. He began his career in 2008 with the one-shot Kui King Omega in Akamaru Jump magazine of Shueisha.

Then, on June 12, 2012, he started working for the Bessatsu Shōnen Champion with the series Mahou Shoujo of the End. This series was so popular that on July 4, 2013 it achieved a spin-off, Mahou Shoujo Site, published in Champion Tap !.

He published Chapter 63 and the end of Mahou Shoujo of the End on August 12, 2017. After this, he would move Mahou Shoujo Site to Bessatsu Shōnen Champion magazine where Mahou Shoujo of the End was published to take his place, and with the illustrations by Toshinori Sogabe would publish Mahou Shoujo Site Sept on October 26, 2017 at Champion Tap! to take the place of Mahou Shoujo Site.

Apart from his career as a mangaka, he is a recognized doujinka. With regard to Mahou Shoujo Site's anime adaptation, he directed the video of the ending Zensen Tomodachi and was the seiyū of Soji Odano.


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