Magical Girls (魔法少女, Mahō shōjo?) are beings that exist in Mahou Shoujo of the End.


In Mahou Shoujo of the End there are two types of Magical Girls:

Blood of the Witch

The daughters of Demon and a human are the Witches, and the daughters of a Witch and a human are the Magical Girls. The Magical Girls with the Blood of the Witch (魔女の血族の魔法少女, Majo no ketsuzoku no mahō shōjo?) will always be born women, since in case of being born men their bodies would be taken by the Devil. They have an individual magic that "wakes up" with time for different events. With the Magic Girls of 13 generations you can do a ritual called Catastrophe of the End.

They are only born when there are sexual relations between the parents, since as Wataru Himeji says in Chapter 43, by artificial insemination a Subspecies of Magical Girl would be born, which does not serve for the ritual.


The Subspecies of Magical Girls (亜種魔法少女, Ashu mahō shōjo?) are created with the DNA of a true Magical Girl and that of a human. They invaded Tokyo and their main objective is to kill humans to comply with the Plan Magical Girls of the End.

Their weak points are their Canes, with which they can infect humans. Their Canes have different abilities and appearances according to the Magical Girl, which can be used by humans.

Modified versions of the Magical Girl Sub-Species are created by Yuji Tonogaya. They have intelligence and can speak in a normal way, plus they can move on to their "improved" form without Living Dead M.

List of Magical Girls

Subspecies of Unknown Magical Girls

  • Magical girl that shoots shock waves (衝撃波を放つ魔法少女).
  • Magical girl who holds the opponent with special wax (特殊な蝋で相手を拘束する魔法少女).
  • Magical girl that causes cracks in the ground (地割れを起こす魔法 少女).
  • Magical girl that expels body fluids (体液を噴出させる魔法少女).
  • Magical girl that cuts the person who touches (接触した者を切断する魔法少女).
  • Magical girl that petrifies things (物を石化する魔法少女).
  • Magical girl who shoots electric shocks (電撃を発射する魔法少女).
  • Magical girl who kills humans by planting beans (豆を撒いて人間を殺害する魔法少女).
  • Magical girl causing a tsunami (津波を起こす魔法少女).
  • Magical girl that assimilates with the shadows and cuts to the objective (影と同化して対象を一刀両断する魔法少女).
  • Magical Girl that makes humans turn (人間を渦状にする魔法少女).
  • Magical girl who dismembers the body of a person (人体を引き裂く魔法少女).
  • Magical girl who turns humans into shrimp (人間をエビフライに変える魔法少女).
  • Magical Girl that destroys humans with a hurricane (ハリケーンで人間をバラバラにする魔法少女)
  • Magical girl who turns humans into a ball (人間をボールにする魔法少女).
  • Magical girl who can makes attack print round-shape in her victim body/physical object.



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