Second Temporary Line

Miu Anai (穴井美羽, Anai Miu?) is one of the protagonists of Mahou Shoujo of the End.


In her first appearance, she wears an embroidered white sleeveless sweater, a backpack, shorts and sneakers; her hair is straight black and is tied with a bow.

As an adult she presents herself with a loose hair style, a black scarf, a wine red shirt and a katana as a weapon.

When she fuses with Hana-chan she has small features, similar to the magical girl, like: a small hair decoration, the color of her hair changes to a whiter shade, and her musculature increases exponentially.


As a child, she is shy, tends to cry because she does not know what is happening around her, during the short time she was under the control of Parasite M, she was daring, with a lot of courage about herself.

As an adult, she is a young lady, in love, brave, she becomes a little smug when she demonstrates how strong she has become; However, it has cost her many sacrifices, hard training, serious injuries, etc.


Super human physical characteristics

After going through training and severe experiments, she gained superhuman strength, supersonic speed and great endurance. She could jump tens of meters easily, cut walls, is a martial artist of great level in combat and a masterful swordsman.


Through a special device created by Yuji Tonogaya, she can merge with one of the Magical Girls at the DNA level (Becoming a single being); their physical characteristics increase on a large scale to deal with great and difficult rivals.


  • The name Miu means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "feather" (羽) (u).
  • Miu's birthday is on August 24.
  • Miu is very skilled at swordplay and surfing.
  • Miu's hobby is yoga.
  • Miu likes Rintaro Akuta, fried chicken and bathing.
  • Miu dislikes doing homework, cooking and vegetables.


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