Rei Kurorogi (黒呂木 零, Korogi Rei?) is the main antagonist of Mahou Shoujo of the End. He was the creator of the Magic Girls of the End Plan, making him indirectly responsible for all the events in the series.


When he was alive, Kurorogi had the appearance of a young man with long hair with delicate features, a cross-shaped mark on his forehead and dressed in the clothes of the Exorcists. Throughout history, Kurorogi possessed the body of several people to fulfill his plan, among which stand out Keito Makabe and So Shirogane.

After becoming God, Kurorogi has very long light hair, his eyes have black sclera and he wears an elegant outfit with several feathers, as well as becoming a giant, as shown by Ki Kogami and Tsukune Fukumoto looking like insects compared to he.


Kurorogi is an extremely manipulative person, becoming a different person just to earn the trust of Eris Muroku.


Possession of Bodies

When he was alive, Kurorogi developed a device that allows him to possess other people's bodies, which allowed him to keep his soul alive even centuries after his body died.


In the Zero World, Kurorogi is an omnipotent being, being able to manipulate the lives of everyone in the temporal line, create giant rays and shoot meteorites.


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