Repulsion M (レパルション·M (マジカル)), also known as Coco (ココ), is one of the Sub-species of Magical Girls of Mahou Shoujo of the End.


She has light blue hair, with heart-shaped hair ornament with small bows that comes from it. Her skin tone is white, and her face reflects an attitude of enmity. Her clothes are a type of school uniform with dark blue shades on her extremities, with lines of white edges, the center of the uniform is light blue with white buttons like the skirt, a red bow tie around her neck. In her left hand is her Wand, resembling a stick with a red heart at the tip.

In her transformation form thanks to Living Dead M, her attire changes slightly, only significant changes are seen in her hair bow ties, which lengthen exponentially and acquire a red tone, as her uniform changes to a simpler one retaining the same color of its pre-transformation state with the addition of a flipped heart badge.


She, like Repulsion M, does not have her own personality because she lacks intelligence, beyond what was programmed for her. Like Coco, her personality becomes a little more hostile, she maintains a slight devotion towards her sister Roro. She will obey orders from her instructor without raising complaints even if it goes against her principles. She will not hesitate to help her relatives and is a fierce fighter



She has the power to repel, firing anything away from her with a force of up to 6 tons.

Regeneration and Immortality

Capacity that all Subspecies of Magical Girls have. They can regenerate as long as their canes are not destroyed. In the Temporary Third Line, all Sub-Species of Magical Girls created by Yuji Tonogaya can be instantly regenerated with Quick Reverse.


Another skill shared by all the Subspecies of Magical Girls. Anyone killed by their canes turns into a zombie, with their bodies covered by a dark matter that resembles Gothic-style clothing. They can only be defeated by decapitation or if the staff that killed them is destroyed.

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