Second Temporary Line

Rintaro Akuta (芥 倫太郎, Akuta Rintarou?) is one of the protagonists of Mahou Shoujo of the End.


Akuta has black hair with a bowl hairstyle and long black eyes. He is wearing his police uniform. He lost his right arm in the medical center because of Explode M. Unlike other characters, Akuta is drawn in a cartoonish style.


Akuta was a complete jerk at first, trying to see the breasts of Yoruka Hanzawa. Then, he demonstrates being well adapted to his environment, and being very useful in the situations in which they found themselves. He seems to be in love with Yoruka, although he gives more importance to her breasts than to her, giving her the nickname of Titty-chan.


His sanity had slipped by the time he meets the survivors from the high school, who sought refuge in the mall where he was apparently working. At first, he behaves like a complete cretin, becoming sexually aroused and taking his genitalia out at the sight of Yoruka. He is knocked out by Ren Kushiro and handcuffed to a fixed structure for safe keeping. When Parasite M begins her rampage, however, he is released and ends up being the one to finally kill her by squashing her between his hands like a mosquito. Since then Akuta has proven to be well-adapted to his new environment and somewhat useful, being the first to figure out that humans could use the magical girl's wands as well. At the medical center, he loses his right arm thanks to Explode M.

He has nicknamed Yoruka "Titty-Chan" ("Lil' Miss Funbags" in the flawed English translation) due to her large breasts. Although he appears to have developed legitimate feelings for her, his main interest remains to be her chest.



He can "attract" other things to him by using the Attraction M wand, allowing him to stab his opponents with his knife.


Akuta can perform an incomplete version of the Mixed Fusion with Hana-chan. He would then achieve the full version.

Super Human Physical Characteristics

With the Magic Girl DNA inside his body, Akuta essentially has the power of a Magical Girl. His strength and speed increase significantly, allowing him to defeat transformed magical girls.

Regeneration and Immortality

Due to the DNA of the Magical Girl within her body, Akuta can regenerate in a similar way to the Magical Girls.

Swordsman Skills

In his complete FUSION Mixed, Akuta carries a sword with him and shows great control when using it.


  • His birthday is on November 11. Same day as Pocky Day in Japan.
  • His Hobby is watching JAV and surfing on 2chan (Japanese Imageboard forum).
  • He likes Big breasts, Ramen, Bathing, and Titty-chan.


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