Tsukune's Box (つくねの箱, Tsukune no bako?), is where the secret of the origin of the Magical Girls is hidden in Mahou Shoujo of the End.


This box contains the base designs from which the Subspecies of Magical Girls were created and some small stuffed animals from them.


The creator of the designs was Tsukune Fukumoto during childhood and the first to discover the secret of it was Kii Kogami.


  • Tsukune's father had knowledge about this box, but when it came to children's drawings, it didn't matter.
  • Kii Kogami, was the one who accidentally discovered this box.
  • This same box was in the possession of Tsukune Fukumoto Adult. Letting see the drawings about the alternate magical girls and a piece of text about the ritual of the catastrophe of the end.


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