Second Temporary Line

Tsukune Fukumoto (福本つくね, Fukumoto Tsukune?) also known under the identity of Asuka (あすか, Asuka?). Is one of the protagonists of Mahou Shoujo of the End.


Tsukune has sky blue hair and eyes, much like her mother. She wears red triangle clips in her hair.


Tsukune has an innocent, childish demeanor. However, she houses another entity named Asuka, who is more sadistic.


Kogami Kii is Tsukune's childhood friend. As a child, she proclaimed that her greatest wish was to become Kii's wife. She was often bullied by Kaede and Miki Otsuki in high school, which is revealed to have been orchestrated by Asuka. When he was transported to 2002 and visited the young Tsukune's household, Kii discovers that the "treasure chest" she had kept at the time contained drawings and dolls of the magical girls that where then running free, all but confirming her involvement in the matter. She happens to have a connection of the magical girls that are attacking the city. She's a magical girl by family linage, through her mother, Kotone Fukumoto. Tsukune is a deuteragonist in Magical Girl of the End. Kogami Kii is her main love interest.


Akashic Record

Tsukune's ability allows her to be an Akashic Record, a collection of all the information in the universe.

Energy Barriers

Tsukune is able to create magical barriers tough enough to withstand the impact of a meteorite sent by Rei Kurorogi.


  • Her birthday is on June 6
  • Her hobbies consist of painting and playing piano.
  • She is skillful at sewing, handrafting and calligraphy.


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