The Witches (魔女) are beings that exist in Mahou Shoujo of the End.


The origin of the witches goes back to a pact made between a man and a demon, this pact gave the daughters of that man unimaginable powers, in exchange for this the demon went into the DNA of the witches waiting for a descendant male to return to resurrect on earth; Afterwards people realized about the existence of witches and their terrifying power, which led to the witch hunt during the time of the Middle Ages, the witches were almost completely annihilated except for one which fled and was he hid to survive from said farm.

She is a witch one day she met a man, who gave her a hand and emotional support thanks to this act of kindness, the witch fell in love with that man and he with her. From this forbidden love arose a girl, who shared human blood and witch blood, this offspring decided to call her Magical Girl.

Known witches

Eris Muroku is the only survivor of the witch hunt that took place in the Middle Ages.


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