The World Zero (ゼ ロ せ か い), also known as World of Rei (零 世界), is the fifth time line, which was created by the ritual Catastrophe of the End. It is the final goal of the Plan Magical Girls of the End of Rei Kurorogi .


After Wataru Himeji gathered all the necessary elements, Kurorogi (in the body of Keito Makabe) performed the Catastrophe of the End ritual, which destroyed all other time lines to create this world.


In the Zero World, the human beings of all the temporal lines coexist, and these lack feelings and conflicts when being controlled totally by Kurorogi, that acts like the God creator of the world. The only exceptions are 6 members of Ki's team (Ki Kogami, Tsukune Fukumoto, Rail Muroku, Shinobu Shirogane, Mikano Muroku and Kotone Fukumoto) who escaped from space-time before Kurorogi destroyed it. In addition, Magical Girls do not exist in this world.


Even though the End Catastrophe ritual was performed, Himeji used a daughter of Ki and Tsukune artificially born, which caused the power of the ceremony to be insufficient and there was a failure in the World Zero, which manifests itself as a crack in the sky


Due to the crack in World Zero, Mikano and Tsukune combined their powers to make the crack grow, after which Ki and Tsukune escaped from the world, posing in front of Kurorogi, and finally Ki would sacrifice her life so that her body would be used as the base of a new world.

"A World where Magical Girls Do not Exist"

"A World where Magical Girls Do not Exist" (魔法少女が出現しない世界) is the sixth time line, created based on the Zero World using the body of Ki and the ability of Tsukune. This world is based on the Second Temporal Line, except that the attack of Alternate Magical Girls never happened, and the time that elapses in this line is the year 2017.

The people who died during the disaster revived, but losing their memories of the apocalypse of Magical Girls, although some like Kaede Sayano, Rintaro Akuta and Seichi Fukumoto remember it. In this world, Magical Girls like Tsukune are now normal humans.


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